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At On A knife’s Edge, we take your kitchen knives and bring them back to life, putting a great working edge on them. Cutting has never been so much fun!

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Edge all the way

We are focused on producing the sharpest and most maintainable edge for your knife, using precision tooling for repeatable performance.

Like it was our own blade

We look after your knife like it was our own, taking exceptional care to make sure it arrives back to you the same, but better.

Prompt service

We know your busy, so we offer a prompt service having your knives back in your hands within two days. And if you are in the Gungahlin area we also offer free pick up and drop off.

We’re sharper than the rest.

We pride ourselves on delivering a superior sharpening of your knives. Each knife is hand sharpened on stone, once sharp it is polished to give a superior edge that you can see

What we sharpen

Any straight edge knife with a blade up to 240mm. An even bevel on both sides between 10-30 degrees. Stainless and high carbon steels. Damascus steel.

What we do not sharpen

Serrated edge knives. Uneven or single bevel knives (If you are looking for this type of services, Chef’s Armoury would be the best fit ). Ceramic and other non steel knives.

Turn around

We will have your knives back to you within two days. If you are in Gungahlin, we can pickup and drop off your knives free of charge.

Special requests

We will try to accommodate special requests, contact us with your request to see if we are able to help out.

Our services

Basic knife sharpen (up to 210mm)

$12/ each

  • Put a great working edge back on your knife
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Five knives

$55/ each

  • Save money by sharpening your knife set
  • Put a great working edge back on your knives
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Reprofile edge

$22/ each

  • Change profile in the range 10-30 degrees on each side
  • Put a great working edge back on your knife
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Special request


  • Regular service of knives
  • extra long or thick knives
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Happy Clients

Prompt service

Money back guarantee

The perfect gift

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Contact us today to organise your sharpening, or to discuss any custom requests you may have.

Gungahlin, Canberra
SMS/Phone: 0435 646 398
Email: sharp@onaknifesedge.com.au
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